Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad 2019

It doesn’t matter if you are a Nigerian or Japanese, if you decide to study abroad today you would get to enjoy several benefits. You also get a really great lifelong experience you would grow to cherish. Of course, you already know what it means to study abroad, but here’s a recap – by studying abroad.  You get the opportunity to study your preferred course in a foreign country and by so doing, get to have new experiences, take in the culture and allure peculiar to that country.

Reasons to Consider Studying Abroad

Here is a list of our top 5 reasons why you should study abroad;


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One of the solid reasons to study abroad is because of the quality of education offered in the country you plan to visit. Nigerians especially are advised to study abroad because many foreign countries especially the U.S and U.K are not very friendly with the certificates offered in the country. If you study in Nigeria before getting into such countries, you are most likely going to have to ‘upgrade’ your result by taking up a 2-3 year program on the course you studied. Asides this, you can also decide to travel to an overseas country to experience the different styles of educational training students undergo.

See the World

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad 2019 2

Of course, this is another of the most important reasons why you should consider studying abroad. By heading to an overseas country for your studies you get to experience what it’s like outside the shores of your home country. You’ll see new terrains, explore some of the finest works of nature and meet incredible people. You also get to explore and see different countries especially if you are studying in a country in Europe, as this would enable you to visit neighboring countries easily. For instance, if you study in Germany, you can easily explore other Schengen countries including Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Spain.

New Culture

 Taking in a new culture is a great thing and many international students have learned this. Most students who decide to tow the part of an international study are usually leaving their home country for the first time and most times when they arrive at their country of study, they are usually overwhelmed by the very different cultural angles. The new foods, traditions, behavioral patterns, and customs are too much to take in. With time, you’ll find that you are getting used to these changes and begin to appreciate them.

New Friends

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One of the best benefits and a good reason to consider studying abroad is the opportunity to make new friends who would probably stick to you for life. As a foreign student, you would meet several other foreign students and even a much larger number of students from your host country. Asides being friends while in school, you can keep a good number of them as close pals and maintain the relationship years later after the completion of your school program. You might find that some of these friends can become useful networking tools to you down the line.

Career Opportunities

Once you are done with your studies abroad, you can decide to either return to your home country or stay back in your host country and find employment. Many students decide to remain in their host country and seek employment. If however, you decide to return to your home country, you would find that many employers favor international students for placements.


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